Orphanage of Hearts

I felt somehow bad. During the week after arriving in Bujumbura following a mountainous cycle from the Kinamba Project in Kigali, I hadn’t achieved all that much. In Bujumbura, we didn’t have any project(s) lined up. I thought I’d quickly find one, but I was otherwise... read more

Destination: Lake Tanganyika

Bujumbura, the humid capital of Burundi lies on the golden sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika – Africa’s longest lake (also the world’s longest freshwater lake). At a distance of 270km from Kigali, a mountainous cycle awaited. After farewell to Meg and everyone at... read more

The Kinamba Project

“The genocidaires did not kill a million people. They killed one, then another, then another…day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute. Every minute of the day, someone, somewhere, was being murdered, screaming for mercy.And receiving none.” – Kigali... read more

The Western Portal: Kampala to Kigali

After gratefully topping up with the usual niceties of African Cycling (Anti-Malarial and de-worming tablets) thanks to Marsali Campbell, the Nurse at Dwelling Places, I headed back to my room to get into shape for taking to the Ugandan roads once again. It’s never... read more

A Dwelling of Pearls

After a wonderful 147 days in Naivasha, it was back to the African Roads as I meandered northwards towards Kenya’s chilly capital of Running – Eldoret. The cycling started well; after a surprising morning’s effort I made it to bustling Nakuru where I stopped for... read more

A “couple of weeks” in Naivasha

Before we begin… Apologies in advance; this blog post is going to be pretty lengthy, even by my standards. I realise that I should perhaps upload more frequent, shorter blog posts, but I have been so busy I just couldn’t find the time to give it the effort and... read more

From a Harbour of Peace into Rough Water

After bidding farewell to Robby at the airport, I jumped back onto the bike and headed for the tropical East African Ferry Terminal from where I’d sail back into the Harbour of Peace, Dar es Salaam – the biggest city in Tanzania (though not the Capital – that award... read more

Mombasa, Zanzibar, Robby & The Traaats

First steps The blisteringly hot, humid and sweaty air of the African East Coast surrounded us as we cycled out of Bamburi Beach Hotel. It was a great, good value resort/hotel just North of Mombasa. For The Traaats (the affectionate name I awarded Eve & Veronica... read more

I give you…Habesha

Once I bought the admittedly expensive collection of welded metal poles and rubber tyres from SJS Cycles in Bridgwater (UK), I knew eventually that this thing moving me along faster than I could run (not hard!) would have a name. However, for quite a while I was more... read more

Southern Ethiopia, Northern Kenya & Mombasa

Having settled back into City life in Addis Ababa for a few days, it was time to oil the bike and get her set for an adventure into Southern Ethiopia. However, before I could saddle up I needed to get my paper work sorted. My Ethiopian Visa was set to expire just... read more