Cycle Across Africa

From Sharm el-Sheikh to Cape Town by Bicycle

In July 2012 and after 2 years & 2 months on the road, I rolled into the Cape of Good Hope at the very tip of the African Continent completing my bicycle journey from Sharm el-Sheikh to Cape Town, all aid of Orphaned Children.

The cycle was part of the Better Life Cycle project, founded in 2009 by one of my best friends, Dan Harrison. Since the early days of the projects inception, we worked together on fundraising, planning and building together the Web Site which would be our foundation for the coming years.

Below are the latest posts from my blog.

I hope you enjoy the reading – if you have any questions, please do feel free to contact me.

Nothing left but Sea…

There are certain days that remain etched in my memory, so strongly engrained it’s as if they’re physical prints. What happened yesterday has, without question, added more wonderful prints to that archive. After almost 18,000km, 2 years and 2 months, I eventually...

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Africa’s Great Surprise | Zambia

Africa always surprises. It’s been a theme of my cycle and in Zambia, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, this hypothesis would be proven true – time, after time, after time. My cycle from Zambia’s border would take me from the under-construction children’s...

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Southern Tanzania & Malawi

Tanzania’s South | Tanzania’s Best After my adrenaline pumped cycle through Mikumi National Park, I headed onwards through Southern Tanzania taking in the cities of Iringa & Mbeya, winding along the green, occasionally busy main road that flanks the railway line...

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2 out of 5 – The Mikumi Encounter

Ever-surprising Africa is famous for its Safari “Big 5”, storybook animals that include the African Elephant, Cape buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Rhino. Little did I know I was about to meet 2 of them, at the same time, on my bicycle. Cycle to Mikumi National Park After...

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Island Pride: Fahari Zanzibar

At 07:30 my ferry was leaving; goodness me, I needed to be up early. I rushed through Dar es Salaam and boarded Kilimanjaro II, the high speed ferry that was to whisk me to Unguja, the main Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago commonly referred to as Zanzibar. But I...

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The joy of Central Tanzania

After a busy yet wonderful Christmas spent at Life Beads Kenya with Dan, Naivasha Children’s Shelter and the locals at Naivasha Sports Club, it was back to the road where I was excitedly due to join my most supportive friend from back home, Veronica Moretti. Having...

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Return to Naivasha

As the silhouette of Mt Longonot, drew close over the horizon; The red shimmering lake, was all I could set eyes on. With relaxation ahead and the bike needing an "oil it"; Nature decided, Kenny needed "quality time" on the toilet. As Liz & Ruli's Safari sun-downer...

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In Pictures: Bujumbura to Naivasha

After descending into Bujumbura, Burundi, money from Better Life Cycle was put to great use for the wonderful children at the Orphanage of Hearts project (see previous blog post). This video tells the story, in pictures, of my time there and subsequent cycle from...

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